World Class Mountain Biking

The area around Shangri-La hosts California's most extensive singletrack and dirt trail system. With thousands of miles of dirt roads, and hundreds of miles of multi-use trails, the area offers outstanding opportunities for riders of all abilities. Inspiring vistas, old growth forests, high elevation lakes, crystal clear rivers and singletrack descents of more than 4,500 vertical feet make mountain biking in the area an unforgettable experience. Both Bike Magazine and Mountain Bike Action have listed Downieville as being one of the top riding destinations in the United States. Every August, the area hosts one of the top singletrack races in the country, the "Downieville Classic". Come discover for yourself why Downieville is ranked as World Class mountain biking.

Downieville Outfitters on Downieville's historic Main Street offers bike rentals and shuttles to the top of the Sierra Buttes for a killer 4000' Downhill over the course of 15 miles. 530-289-0155

Yuba Expeditions offers mountain bike tours and shuttles throughout the area. Travel to the trailhead with your bike secured safely to the vehicle. Enjoy the ride to the summit while others spend hours grinding their way to the top. 530-289-3010