Blue Ribbon Fishing

Fly and bait fishing are at their best in the North Fork of the Yuba River. This beautiful river, typical of many area streams, is heavily stocked and expert anglers seldom fail to get their limits.

River Facts:

Nevada City Anglers in Nevada City, California, presents the following information about the North Fork of the Yuba River:

The Water:

The North Fork is a midsize stream requiring short 10-35' casts. You will see various water types including pocket water, runs and pools.

The Equipment:

Rods: 2 wt - 5 wt (or wt), 7-1/2 - 9' length
Lines: Double taper and weight forward - floating. Sink tip 5' - 10'
Leaders: 7-1/2 - 12'; 4X - 7X
Waders: Spring/Fall - Neoprene (2mm-3mm), Summer - Lightweight or wade wet
Shoes: Felt sole (strongly recommended)
Flies: Spring - stoneflys, streamers, wollybuggers, nymphs and dries call, Summer - terrestrials, small nymphs and dries call, Winter - small nymphs, dry flies, October caddis