Lakes Basin Ridge Trail

General Information

•Mileage: Maximum 12 miles to next trailhead
•Elevation: 6680 to 6760 feet
•Difficulty: Moderate
•Use Level: Light to Moderate
•Season: Late June to October


Approximately 5 miles east of Sierra City on Highway 49, turn onto Gold Lake Highway at Bassetts Station. Continue approximately 1.4 miles to the bridge crossing Salmon Creek and turn left. Continue for about .3 mile and turn right onto Packer Lake Road. Proceed 2.5 miles and turn left onto Forest Road 93. Follow this road 1.4 mile to the Packer Saddle intersection. There is ample parking at this intersection.

Trail Description

From the intersection, the Pacific Crest Trail runs north to Canada and south to Mexico. To the north the trail follows a flat ridge top for 12 miles, offering spectacular views of the entire Lakes Basin throughout the hike. It is well worth hiking a portion of this trail if you enjoy panoramic views. Due to its ridge top location, the trail has little elevation change; however, we suggest carrying drinking water.

If transportation can be arranged, there are several opportunities in this area. Hikers may wish to hike down to the Deer Lake Trailhead on Packer Lake Road for a 5 mile hike, or to Lakes Basin Campground on Gold Lake Highway for an 8 mile hike. The "A" Tree, located southwest of Plumas Eureka State Park is the next trailhead. This would be a 12 mile hike.

To try a really challenging hike, check out Sierra Buttes Lookout.
For a moderate year round hike, try Canyon Creek Trail.
For for an easy family hike, there's the Sand Pond Interpretive Trail.
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